Chazz Griffith, deaf guest poster

Chazz Griffith and his adorable son, Merrick

Chazz Griffith, one of my Facebook friends, was diagnosed with a hearing loss 4-5 years ago.  His family and friends had been telling him to get a hearing test, but he kept putting it off.  When he finally got his hearing tested, he was diagnosed with moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears and hearing aids were recommended.  In December 2011, his right ear started feeling blocked and phone conversations in that ear were garbled.  Then he was hit with vertigo. Testing showed he lost more hearing and his speech recognition scores of 100% in August 2011 dropped to 60% in May 2012.  He shares his most recent experience here:

“This past Thursday I went to my ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) doctor because of some craziness going on with my ears. After talking to the nurse practitioner, the specialist told me it’s better to use hearing aids while I can because they can work better than implants for some people. I was surprised he didn't try to sway me after I told him I probably wouldn't get a cochlear implant.  In fact, he was completely fine with it! Then my visit got even better when the NP told me if I need any support to visit the Rochester area as they have a deaf college campus and could provide a lot of useful information. That's the first time since I've been wearing hearing aids that a medical professional gave me advice like this. It was an awesome end to a doctor’s appointment!”


Chazz Griffith said...

thaank you for letting me write for ya, this is my first attempt at writting a blogg so thank you also for the help you rock!

Cindy Dixon said...

It's great meeting other deaf people and sharing their stories with the world. Thank you for writing this!

Jonsson said...

Welcome to the wonderful world being Deaf! Haha :)

Chazz Griffith said...

Thanx for the welcome lol