Deaf blogger Kym Bozarth, from Deaf In The Kitchen, is today's guest blogger. Every time I read her blog, my mouth waters from looking at the amazing photos of great food.  Check it out today!

"I am on a journey to rediscover who I am.  Since becoming profoundly deaf this past April 2012, I've always gone about my daily activities of living as a hearing person.  Hard of hearing my whole adult life, I suppressed my feelings of inadequacy and walked a fine line between hearing and deafness.  I never told people I was hard of hearing, so no accommodations were made for me and I bluffed my way through every social situation.

It wasn't until becoming profoundly deaf this year, that I opened my eyes for the first time, to my new life, my new world - the deaf life and world.  I was depressed for a long time in regards to my deafness, and did not know how to cope or adjust.  My original life plans would have to be changed. 

Over the summer I started attending a program for the deaf.  In this program I learned how to live my life as a deaf woman.  I am still in the process of learning ASL and Deaf Culture, and attend deaf socials and events.  I have deaf friends.  My sense of identity has changed.  Becoming deaf ushered me down a path that has enriched my life in immeasurable ways.  It has saved me from self destruction.   

Occasionally I wear a hearing aid in my right ear, but most of the time it annoys me and I take it off.  I do not want a Cochlear Implant and do not want to be fixed.  My ENT has stuffed all sorts of strange looking devices in my ears, and put me on various medications.  I had an MRI and even went to physical therapy to adjust  the "rocks in my head," which was supposed to restore my hearing and help with dizziness/balance issues related to my deafness.  None of these things restored my hearing.  I'm still deaf.

Today I had a "Aha" moment.  A defining moment.  I thought, I am going to live my life as a deaf person and not accommodate anyone else anymore.  If I choose to be "voice off," don't question me.  If I share my voice with you for some reason, feel privileged that I choose to share something special with you.   Do not ask me if I can drive, raise a family, communicate effectively etc...because the answer is "Yes, I can."  I am not going to be just Kym anymore.  I am Kym; deaf wife, deaf mom, deaf grandmom, deaf friend, deaf cousin.  The word "deaf" is beautiful.  It has given me joy to discover who I really am now.  It has given me a sense of identity and freedom."


Jeffrey Swartz said...

Kym does come up with good looking food but most of it we can't eat since we have wheat allergies. Oh well!

It's good to remind yourself who you are once in awhile.

Good blog.

Cindy Dixon said...

It's easy to sub the wheat with non-wheat stuff. I also try not to eat too many nightshades...

Liz Fisher said...

I am glad Kym is back with another blog. I so missed her in the blog world when she disappeared. Love her new blog.

And glad she is keeping well. And happy.

Kym Bozarth said...

Thank you all for the nice comments and visiting my blog!