Find Your Dead Zones With the "Thud" Test

If you have the ability to hear some sounds, take the Piano "Thud" Test to find out the pitches you hear properly.  Disclaimer:  This is not an official test, but if you wonder why you can barely comprehend speech, but enjoy music and/or play a musical instrument, this will help you understand how and why.  

I've taken the test with and without my Phonak Naida S IX SP Hearing Aids and ComPilot, but the Sound Recover feature automatically captures high frequency sounds and puts them in a range I can hear, so I took the test again using headphones without hearing aids.

Turn on your external computer speakers and set them at a comfortable level - if you have a high frequency loss, Middle C (the YELLOW key) is usually a good note to gauge the sound level. Start from the left and press each key, advancing slowly.  The sound should last a full 4 seconds.  The frequency (Hz) for each note is displayed.  

Write down the frequencies or frequency range you CAN hear, and also the frequencies where you can't hear anything but a thud.

I used headphones to test each ear separately, and got these results:

Right ear:  27.50 Hz - 880.00 Hz for 3-4 seconds; 
932.32 -  1108.73 Hz 1 second; 
1174.70 - 4186.00 Hz THUD.  

Left ear:  27.50 Hz - 880.00 for 3-4 seconds; 
932.32 Hz and 1046.50 Hz for 1 second; 
1108.73 - 4186.00 Hz THUD.

How did YOU do on the Thud Test?

I even double checked with my piano keyboard (see photo):


Jonsson said...

I have tinnitus so the ringing in my ears affects perceived external sounds I assume.

I just used my laptop speakers:

Starting at middle I went up until I got to MIDI 96 where I heard nothing. But then I heard the ones above it. Then descending, I couldn't hear 100 or 98, then 95, then 91,88,86,84. But then later I could hear the notes I didn't hear before. I think ambient sounds and vibrations affect my ears in a way that affects what frequencies I perceive.

107 hurt my ear.

then going to low notes, from 47 down I heard nothing.

Cindy Dixon said...

Sounds like you have a reverse ski-slope audiogram. I can hear ALL the low notes, and you're missing a lot of them. You can hear high notes that I can't.

Rose Winslet said...
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